Z-18 Profesyonel Radar Test Videoları

Z-18 Professional Radar Test Videos

Z-18 provides a 3-D image format and detailed analysis about the shape, depth and size of the object detected by the professional computer program.

The Z-18 professional is capable of detecting and detecting underground radar much more deeply than normal metal detectors. Three-dimensional image feature provides detailed information about the target and minimizes errors and time loss.

Adrenalin Z-18 Pro is able to work successfully in all kinds of ground structures professionally developed for treasure and mineral explorations at high depths and can easily detect targets at depths that similar systems cannot reach.

The most striking feature that distinguishes Adrenalin Z-18 from the professional underground imaging radar is its simultaneous 3D signal processing and magnetic field editing, which no system has ever produced to get data from under the earth. .

Z-18 professional, underground imaging system in the target region of the searched natural soil structure, different from the natural soil structure, tombs, cellars, tunnels, mines and antique structure created by the magnetic differences in the multisensor technology can make very sensitive detection.

Adrenalin Z-18 professional, underground imaging radar can successfully identify metallic objects. Successfully identifiable objects are gold, silver, bronze, copper-derived dia magnetic metal objects, and mineral deposits and iron-containing ferromagnetic metal objects and ore deposits. Z-18 Professional Radar Test Videos.

The archaeogeophysical structures that can be defined are successfully used for finding ancient ruins, temple foundations and walls, burial chambers, tunnels, cellars, caves and similar historical remains. Z-18 Professional Radar Test Videos.

Live Shooting:
Z-18 Pro The data received during the underground imaging radar measurement is transferred to the instant computer. During the measurement, the graph in the computer program moves continuously from top to bottom. In this measurement mode, the user must walk at a certain speed. The magnetic differences in real time will be shown in the computer program in color when it is walked. During the measurement, the device notifies the magnetic rate changes detected by the user with the numerical digits on the internal digital display and also with the built-in speaker or headphone. Z-18 Professional Radar Test Videos.