30 April 2019
30 April 2019

Magnetic Shield



Magnetic Shield

Magnetic shield

Magnetic Shield

Special signals are sent to the area to be searched by the magnetic shield device. Thus, the ground magnetic field to be searched is controlled by the regulatory signals. Radio signals, transmitter signals, cell phone signals, satellite signals, such as the electromagnetic reflections caused by The sent special frequency broadcast will be blocked. Clean and clear images are obtained from the ground to be searched.

Magnetic shield of adrenaline magnetometer used to detect all electromagnetic irregularities, gradient devices used. Optimizes the measurement process and arranges the magnetic structure of the field for accurate and error-free detection of targets.

Magnetic shield, sends very low frequencies to strengthen the magnetic field of embedded precious objects. Metallic targets buried underground due to this signal broadcast ( gold, silver, copper, bronze etc.) anomalies become better visible for imaging devices.

It is a special device with a low wave frequency range. It uses a special frequency to send an alternative magnetic field to the ground that can only be distorted by a metallic target. This disturbance of the magnetic field can be analyzed in detail with 3D programs. For this reason, it is possible to produce a good result for the targets found in the ground.

The three-dimensional image of the underground becomes clearer by using magnetic shield. So you can better recognize the shape and structure of embedded metals. Measurements made using the magnetic field editor can be done repeatedly sequentially without time-lapse to make a new shot. During measurement, there is no distortion in the magnetic structure of the ground, and even if shots are made repeatedly, the same image is always taken.

Magnetic Shield Characteristics

VLF spreader unit (1 unit)

Dimensions (H x w x D): 14 cm x 7 cm x 3 cm

Net weight 250g

Air Humidity 5% – 75%

Not waterproof

Frequency range 1 kHz-250 kHz

Powered Output Power 10 W

Built-In Battery 9 V

Operating time ( fully charged battery approximately 8 hours

Maximum movement area 10 meters

Operating Temperature 0 ° C To 50 ° C

VLF transmitter (very low frequency)


Magnetic Destructor

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