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14 January 2019

Z – 18


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Ground penetrating radar price

Ground Penetrating Radar Price

Ground penetrating radar Z-18 is the best underground imaging device produced with the latest technology. It is the device used by archaeologists. The visual geophysical measuring device Z-18 can detect magnetic irregularities in the target region. Gpr radar prices are determined by the characteristics and success of the device.

Adrenaline Z-18 underground imaging device it can detect very different structures. These include metal objects, layer formation, underground cavities, water level, cavities and burial chambers, natural formations or pipes, warehouses, chests and similar objects.

The device used by the archaeologists is controlled by microprocessor and the ground alignment, depth measurements and information recordings are performed automatically. Evaluation can be done easily on the computer. The scanned field can be analyzed by a 3-dimensional graph. The underground imaging device Z-18 is a professional instrument with high image resolution. The compact probe is suitable for use in challenging areas such as rugged, rocky, forest land thanks to radar shapes. The Z-18 video geophysical measuring device has other advanced features as well as graphical representations.

Ground Scan

This mode is a graphical measurement method, the best underground imager, the Z-18 will create the sub-subtle image of the magnetic field changes that it has measured as three-dimensional graphical shapes. The detailed shape, size and depth information of metal objects, cavities and historical remains can be obtained by computer.

Ground Penetrating Radar 1

Live Scan

The Z-18 features a live shot that can display buried objects of up to 3 meters. This feature provides instant detection to the user through live shooting and monitoring method.


Ground Penetrating Radar 2

Metal Separation

With Z-18, spectrum analysis is performed with live shooting. With this feature, iron and non-ferrous metals can be distinguished from each other. It can also work with this mode to distinguish gaps.

Ground Penetrating Radar 3

Delivery Content

  • Laptop
  • 3d software
  • 1 meter super sensor
  • Headphone
  • Charger
  • English User Manual
  • Carrying Case
Maximum Depth

Operating Temperature

Storage Temperature

Humidity in the air





Data T. and Technology


Max. Transfer Rate

Accuracy Received

Max. Range

PC (Computer)

10 Meters

0C / 50C

-20C / 60C

%5 – %75

33x122x12 cm


12V DC

Motorola 8Mhz


2.4 / 2.4835 Ghz

1 Mbps

-85 dbm

10 Meters

256MB Graphics Card

Gpr ground penetrating radar

Shooting Examples

Adrenaline Detector shooting samplesDisplay Detectors

Treasures of Z-18Treasure hunt with video device

Best Metal Detector

Z-18 Videos

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