3 May 2019
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3 May 2019

Twin System



Gold Search Rods Prices

Gold Search Rods prices, field scan detectors prices, space scanning device used by two people, Space detecting machine

 Gold Search Rods Prices | Adrenaline detector

The field scan device used by the two people is made from similar field scans thanks to the Twin system mineral Filter Provides better results. The machine that detects the gap can make accurate and accurate determination. The prices of field scan detectors vary according to the ability to accurately detect and distinguish metal distinction. Adrenalin twin system with very successful metal separation can be made. Metal separation is carried out with magnetic resonance mappings within 100 meters in the research area.

Twin System Magnetic Finder. Precious metals such as gold, silver, bronze, copper and gold bars. The grave cellar is an advanced technology product designed to detect closed space structures such as a tunnel cave.

Remote gold sensor and price

 Remote gold sensor and price

The Twin System has been specifically developed to detect precious metals that have been lost or lost long ago. It also detects the remains of historical buildings with spaces. Gold treasure search rods with embedded treasures. Gold bars and many other valuable objects provide the opportunity to quickly identify large areas. Twin System developed by R & D studies for a long time. Gold treasure is the first and only best field scanning device model that can be used to distinguish between magnetic resonance scans.

The biggest difference of the Twin System gold search bar model. It is the determination of the point of the target with a large proportion of correct and good resonance. There are currently no gold search rods used by two people on the market. Receiver – transmitter is able to detect and detect successfully with synchronized signals. Receiver-transmitter synchronized signals are capable of detecting and detecting magnetic resonance.

Receiver – Transmitter System

Gold search rods work with the transmitter system for the first time in the world. Summer and winter natural magnetic differences may be caused by the ability to eliminate all the negativity of the first two people used by the field scanning device. Adrenaline twin system is the field scanning device used by two people who have proven superiority in performance, used by professional treasure hunters, treasure hunters, archaeologists and mining companies.

The long range Locator is the metal separation feature found in the twin system area scanning system. Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze and closed space structures can be determined by making the distinction. Each metal found under the Earth has a different magnetic ID. Different magnetic identification differences of metals apply different push and pull forces to each metal on the signal receiving rods. Thanks to the advanced metal separation feature found only in the twin system. The magnetic differences of metals can be understood by means of possible reactive movements and shape differences on signal-sensing rods.


bar system scan area

Precious metals and location determination

100 meters diameter and over target detection

Depth of 6 meters and above

Positive metal separation feature

Analog processor

Earth magnetic mineral level adjustment

Safety original plastic carrying case

1 battery 9V

Dimensions; 50x38cm / weight; 2.65 kg

2 year warranty, certified

Gold search rods prices Metal Detector Price

gold search rods prices, field scan detectors prices, area scan device used by two people, space detector machine.

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