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3 May 2019

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Field scan prices

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Field Scan Rods Prices | Gold Search Rod Price

Field Scan.Adrenaline MFD Pro has been developed to detect precious metals and blanks. MFD Pro is used to find buried treasures and gold rods in large areas by scanning them in a short time. Field scanning types and features have reached a new dimension thanks to long-running R & D studies.

The biggest difference of the MFD professional field scanning model is that it is largely accurate and well differentiated to determine the point of the target. It is a two-time transceiver feature that does not currently have any field scanning on the market. Receiver-transmitter synchronous signals are capable of detecting Ionic and magnetic.

For the first time in the world, scanning devices using two-time sensing technique is the only field scanning model capable of eliminating all the negative effects that may arise from natural magnetic differences in summer and winter. The epinephrine MFD models are proven to be the best scans used by professional treasure hunters, treasure hunters, archaeologists and mining companies.

Field Scan Rods Prices | Gold Search Rod Price

Area Scan Buttons

Due to the mineral elimination and metal separation feature in the adrenalin MFD Pro system, Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze and closed space structures will be determined upon request. Each metal found under the Earth has a different magnetic identity. Magnetic identification differences apply push and pull force on Signal receiving rods. Treasure Locator Prices. Because of the advanced metal separation feature found only in the adrenaline MFD Pro system, the magnetic differences of metals can be understood by means of possible reactive detection movement differences on the sensor antenna system.

Field scan prices


Target Reflection Reset

Excellent operation in all weather conditions. The ability to reset magnetic target signal shifts during scanning..

Soil Conductivity Verification

Manual power adjustment feature that adjusts all types of soil structure according to magnetic and mineral level and ensures high performance.

Calibration Target

Manual calibration of the target metal ( sample ) to be searched thanks to the precise setting. It allows to minimize the errors that may occur on the metal target to be searched.

Signal Power Control

Precise power adjustment according to the distance of the region to be searched and soil mineral structure property.

Advanced Harmonic Signal Analysis

Advanced harmonic signal distribution allows increased depth and separation. Metallic rocks, mineral stones and garbage metals are masked.


Gold search, silver, bronze, copper and space detection

100 meters diameter and over target detection

10 meters depth determination

Positive metal separation feature

Select the type of target to search for (gold, silver, bronze, copper, space)

Calibration feature according to the metal to be searched

Earth magnetic mineral level adjustment

Receiver of magnetic-Ionic signal waves, free-rotating antennas

1 battery 9 V, 12 batteries 1.5 V AA

Original plastic carrying case safe

Measurements; 46 x 35 x 17 cm / Weight 6.3 kg

2 year factory warranty


Field scan prices


Area Scan Buttons

Field Scan Rods MFD Pro Field Scan Videos

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