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Eliminator Mineral Destroyer

Eliminator Mineral Destroyer


Eliminator Mineral Destroyer

The professional eliminatorproduced for the first time in the world is a mineral destroyerthat is required in the long-buried treasure searches. The mineral screening device is unique in the world.

Used to increase the depth of the detectors used in the search for Define. By increasing the magnetic field level on the target, it increases the depth of up to 100% in the detector’s performance.

It is used in field scanning devices to eliminate imaginary signals, which can lead to mistakes caused by the effect of magnetic charged minerals in the soil. In just 1 minute, it destroys the wrong target signals created by minerals and gold particles. Because the target remains under the ground for a long time, magnetic pendulum is formed. These pendulums vary according to the metal type of the target. These magnetic pendulums are at different angles. The professional Eliminator is used to destroy the target deviations of magnetic pendulum.

Eliminator Mineral Destroyer

Eliminator enables the detection of precious metals such as gold, silver, bronze, copper in all kinds of electromagnetic perception imaging systems and ground penetrating radar devices from high depths. It makes it easy to detect targets in just as short as 5 minutes, and especially by loading magneticfield into precious metals.

Deep search detectors and single money detectors used in Treasure searches with the elimination of natural conditions to match the depths of difficult target detection allows. In just 5 minutes with detectors, especially gold, silver, precious metals in the perception of up to 100% of excellent performance increase causes.

It enables the destruction of imaginary signals originating from minerals in searches made with field scans. It eliminates the target deviations from magnetic pendulum and imprison the target signal to the point of actual formation.

In imaging systems, thanks to the magnetic field loaded on precious metals, it can detect almost impossible targets even in video.


Set content :
• Electronic panel
• Three electrodes
• 12 volt automatic charger
• Connecting three electrodes to the electronic panel
3×10 meters blue, red, green cable
• English user guide, warranty card


Transport dimensions :
Package size: 35 х 30 х 10 cm
Weight: 2.4 kg

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