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Coin Hunter



Cheap detector prices

Coin Hunter

Cheap Detector Prices | Cheapest Detector Prices


Cheap Detector Prices. Coin Hunter, single money detectors it is the most accurate choice with high depth. Natural gold particles, single coins, hard to detect metal parts can easily detect. Historical remains, precious jewelry and jewels are ideal for identifying difficult targets. Coin Hunter has been developed for challenging terrain conditions.


coin hunter detector


Maximum Depth

Different search modes reduce the negative effects of mineral soils on the detector. Thanks to its unique design, you will be able to enjoy reaching your targets at depths that you could not have detected before.

It provides comfortable and effortless ease of use for many models on heavy and high mineral soils, which no other detector in its category can offer.



Coin Hunter detector offers unrivalled depth, ease of Use and convenient search on high mineral surfaces. Thanks to its easy to use, you will enjoy searching with a high-performance professional detector.


Cheap Detector Prices | Cheapest Detector Prices


Two Tone ( Dual Tone)

Coin Hunter is able to reach unprecedented depths and has superior metal separation capability. It helps you easily distinguish precious metals such as gold silver and iron-type precious metals with 2 different tones of sound. Especially in the areas where garbage metals are dense, it prevents you from making wasted excavation of unwanted metals. It allows you to make clearer detection by raising the weak signal sound from deep targets.

Search Title

Coin Hunter detector features a waterproof lightweight and rugged 27 cm D-D search head. Rocky terrain thanks to its special heading structure, in dense mineral soils. It can easily penetrate all kinds of difficult soil structures such as ploughed fields, beach and waste metal floors. With cheap detector prices and a wealth of accessories, the user does not have a shortage of spare parts and services.


Cheap Detector Prices | Cheapest Detector Prices


Long Battery Life

The Coin Hunter provides up to 30 hours of battery life with 10 rechargeable and changeable 1100 mAh batteries. Thanks to the replaceable 10-inch battery bay, it replaces your batteries and allows you to make a stress-free call and never interrupt your calls. Thanks to the richness of accessories, the user does not have a shortage of spare parts and services.


Operating Frequency :8 kHz
Battery Life: 8 hours
Total Adjustable Length:142 cm
Weight (may vary slightly): 1610 g
Audio Output: Speaker and servitude
Headset Compatibility: ¼ “Jack Stereo
Title Type: 26.5 cm DD
Metal Separation: Accept/Reject
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 55°C

*English User Guide

*12 Volt DC Auto Charging Adapter

*Stereo Headset

*Carrying Bag

*English Usage CD

Warranty: 2 Years


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