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Adrenalin Gold Locators Detector

Gold Locators. As the Adrenalin company, we proudly present the world’s best area scanning detector EVOLUTION. Inspired by the device the treasure seekers dreamed of. EVOLUTION is the name of a miracle that has been revealed as a result of years of successful R & D in this difficult process.

In a range of 100 meters in diameter, you want to search in 15 meter depth using only the space structures you want to search for, or the miracle technology that detects buried treasures by metal separation.

Imagine what you can do with this unique technology in the world so far that no metal detector, gpr radar, resistivity device or field scanning device is available. Hidden treasures, mysterious burials can be found easily with the flawless technology we offer you.

We invite our customers to examine the scanning detector EVOLUTION that has taken the miracle and to test it in our permitted training area to see its success. Our customers can do all kinds of tests to eliminate the question marks in their minds and to make sure that the miracle is the success of EVOLUTION.

Our customers can bring the test object they want. There are also gold, silver, bronze and copper test metals that our customers can experiment with. For our customers to test, test objects do not need to be buried for many years. Unlike other field scanning devices, EVOLUTION can be used to detect new metals.

EVOLUTION field scanning detector professional treasure hunters, archaeologists, natural gold seekers, mining exploration companies, underground cable, sewer and pipe detection companies, security units ballistic searches, military units can use munitions and mines.

Adrenalin Gold Locators


Gold, silver, bronze, gap fixed transmitter modes

Distinguished search with receiver unit ID number (first in the world)

Pairing on metal to be searched by the receiving unit (first in the world)

Search mode with only space detected (first in the world)

Target detection range 100 meters in diameter

Target detection at a depth of 15 meters

Magnetic ALL arama Ionic DCR search modes

9 pcs receiver, 9 pcs transmitter: 18 pcs 1.5v AA rechargeable battery

Plug-in type 9 volt automatic charger

Safe sturdy original plastic carrying case

Dimensions: 46 x 35 x 13 cm / Weight 6.3 kg

2 years factory warranty against manufacturing defects

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