Adrenalin Detector was established in the early 2000s in order to produce the devices used in the field of electromagnetic sensing technology.

Adrenalin Detector work on the first day of the R & D work. Metal detectors, field scans, image detectors and geophysical devices are continuing on a continuous basis. Adrenalin Detector, with its trained staff, produces professional detectors used in various fields as a result of years of R & D work. Produced professional detectors. In the field of archaeogeophysics, underground mines are preferred by their successes in the field of detecting water resources and in the field of analyzing soil structure.

Long range detector Field Scans, Metal and Mineral Detectors capable of providing 2D – 3D images, and electromagnetic geophysical radars which can perform 3D image analysis. Adrenalin Detector’s professional products have been successfully used in Hobby, Military, Ballistics, Geology, Archeology, Construction and Mining.


We have become one of the most distinguished companies in the market by using today’s technologies effectively. Success of our products around the turkey and have been proven in various regions of the world. While providing high quality products that are easily accessible to consumers at affordable prices, we have established strong partnerships with customers by providing best in class service.

We did not respond to any reasonable demand, with extreme sensitivity to customer satisfaction. By focusing on changing customer and market needs, we have never ignored the demand for the future. In 2010, our company presented the single currency detector (VLF) model, followed by the field scanning (MFD) model in 2011, the deep search detector Pulse ID model in 2013 and the electromagnetic radar system (Z-18) in 2014.

Our company now uses demand creation function instead of meeting demand. Adrenaline detector innovative perspective; It is determined by what kind of expectations the consumer expects in a fixed way with the analysis and what they expect from the future in the light of these analyzes and scientific methods. In this way, our customers can always reach the desired type of products through our company. Today, we are leading many companies as technology and R & D. We would like to thank our dear customers who have the biggest role in coming to this level.