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Adrenaline detector long range locator device BlackEye, it is the realization of the device of every treasure hunter. BlackEye is the name of a dream that emerged after years of hard research work inspired by the dreams of treasure hunters.

Do you want to use the miracle technology that is 100 meters in diameter, 15 meters in depth, which can only detect the space structures or buried treasures that you want to detect by separating the metal?

Imagine what can be done with this miracle technology, which is not in any metal detector and long range locator device tool so far! Now, hidden treasures, lost burials can be found easily with the excellent technology we offer you.

We invite our customers who want to examine our products to test our products at our authorized training site to see the success of the BlackEye miracle detector long range locator device. Our customers can do all kinds of tests to solve the question marks and make sure that the miracle is the success of BlackEye.

For our customers to test, test objects do not need to be buried for many years. Unlike other long range locator devices, Blackeye long range locator detector can be detected as gold, silver, bronze, copper and steel metals separated.

Adrenaline Blackeye detector long range locator device professional treasure hunters, treasure hunters, archaeologists, natural gold seekers, mining search companies, underground electrical cables and water pipes detection companies, safety units can successfully use ballistic searches, military units ammunition and mine searches.


Gold, silver, bronze, space-transmitting modes

Separation call with receiver unit ID number

Match on the metal to be searched receiver unit

Ability to detect spaces only

100 meters distance of space or metal detection

15 meter depth space or metal detection

Magnetic (all) indivisible – Ionic (disc) separation

9 receiver units, 9 transmitter units 1.5 V AA charged battery

220 volt mains socket type automatic 9 volt charger

Secure rugged plastic carrying case

Dimensions: 46 x 35 x 13 cm / Weight 6.3 kg

Factory warranty against 2 years production errors

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Long Range Locator Devices / Gold Detector Prices / Treasure Search Detector

Long Range Locator

Long Range LocatorThe MFD Long Range Locator Detector first advanced device to distinguish by the filter system. Thanks to its advanced structure, the MFD’s best Detector Field Scanning can eliminate high wave frequencies (telephone, base station, satellite signals, etc.) that exist within a 100-meter diameter. With the advanced elimination feature found only in MFD Long Range Locators Devices models, false signals can be eliminated which can lead to wrong targets in the area to be searched.

Long Range Locator Devices / Gold Detector Prices / Treasure Search Detector

Gold Detector

Gold DetectorMfd Pro is an advanced technology product designed to detect closed cavity structures such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, gold bars, grave cellar tunnel cave. Remote sensing devices are the world leader in Gold Detector prices. It has been developed to detect the remains of historical buildings, including precious metals and cavities, which have been lost or buried long ago.

Long Range Locator Devices / Gold Detector Prices / Treasure Search DetectorCOIN HUNTER

Metal Detector Prices

Metal Detector Prices, advanced technology Coin Hunter, is a professional Metal Search Detector developed with high technology. Cheap Detector Prices is the perfect choice for single currency and residue calls with advanced features and unique design. Coin HUNTER has been developed for tough terrain conditions, ideal for the detection of natural gold particles, single coins, metal fragments that are difficult to detect, historical remains, precious jewelry and jewelery, which are difficult to reach.

Long Range Locator Devices / Gold Detector Prices / Treasure Search Detector
GPR Z-18

Treasure Detector

Treasure DetectorThe Z-18 gpr radar is the latest technology for professional use. Z-18, Treasure Detectors are based on an electromagnetic pulse method that can detect irregularities in the target area. Thus, Treasure Search Device can treasure very different structures. These include metal objects, layer formation, underground water level, cavity and burial chambers, natural formations or pipes, warehouses,crates and similar objects.

Long Range Locator | Detector Prices | Gold Detector | Treasure Detector | Metal Detector

Long Range Locator

Long Range Locator Devices, Natural gold particles (nugget), single coins of debris, metal particles that are difficult to detect, old ruins, precious jewelry and jewels are the most successful in detecting metal objects at depths that are difficult to reach.Long Range Locator The detector is. Adrenaline detector products on heavy and high mineral grounds, with high stability, no other treasure search detector provides comfort and effortless ease of use.Adrenalin Detector Long Range Locator is the first example of high-tech Gold Search Detector production.

Long Range Locator | Detector Prices | Gold Detector | Treasure Detector | Metal Detector

Gold Detector

Gold Detector, T.M.S.F new developed scientific Gold Detector has the theory of resonance detection. Adrenalin T.S.M.F similar to the treasure search rods, which distinguishes the most important feature is that the price is unrivaled in terms of performance in the research area within 100 meters diameter of the magnetic resonance matches can be determined by distinguishing.

Long Range Locator | Detector Prices | Gold Detector | Treasure Detector | Metal Detector

Metal Detector Prices

Metal Detector Prices, Professional Geophysical Area Measurement Adrenalin Resistivity Device is designed for deep-seated treasure and treasure hunters. The price can be scanned up to 15 m depth in a 500 m 2 area with a 15 m measurement cable delivered in the standard package. Detection depth and scan area can be increased by changing the measurement cable. With a measuring cable of 30 meters, the area of 1000 m2 can be scanned to a depth of 30 meters. The greatest advantage of Adrenaline Resistivity Meter is that it is very simple to use and does not require any special training in order to use it correctly.


Treasure Detector

The Adrenalin Ground analyzer is manufactured with the best Treasure Detector technology. You can make space and metal detection with computer-aided 3-D underground imaging detectors. Ground Analyzer the type and depth of metal is indicated on the LCD screen. With the ground analyzer, the size and the estimated depth of the gap are indicated by the graphical shape on the LCD screen.